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Zip Seal Bags

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Zip Seal bags are just like any ordinary plastic bags but with the advantage of being re-closable by providing a zip closure. Manufactured with the average customer in mind they are generally found in standard sizes, styles and shapes with optional write-on panels. Custom zip-sealing bags can also be manufactured to specific sizes and styles, they can alse be made anti-static for storing electronic items. For extra customisation have a ogo printed on them and promote you company.

Differences between resealable bags and a self-sealing bags

Resealable bags are bags that can be re-used. Examples or resealable bags are the grip seal bag and the zipper bag. Self-sealing bags on the other hand, are bags that can be sealed without using an additional sealant (such as glue or tape) or without the need to heat seal the bags. So Grip-Seal bags and Zip-Lock bags are resealable bags and are also types of self-sealing bags.

Self-sealing bags is all a normal plastic bag is with the advantage of being reusable. Generally manufactured in sizes, styles and shapes that suit the needs of the average customer but Gripper bags, another name for grip seal bags, can also be custom made to sizes that suit your specific needs, a printed logo on them which can also be ordered and is a great way to promote your company, since they will not be disposed after a single use every time the bag is used your logo will be seen.

Self-sealing bags

Mailing bags is another greatly used type of self-sealing packaging. Envelopes used to post documents and packages safely generally come with a self-adhesive strip to allow for the bag to be sealed. Although they are a type of self-sealing bags these bags are designed to be ripped open. Therefore mailing bags "are" self-sealing bags but as opposed to Gripper and Zipper bags they are not resealable bags.

Mailing envelopes

For sure the mostly used type of mailer, envelopes come in a wide range of colours, sizes and materials. Mailing envelopes can be used to send anything. For delicate contents bubble padded envelopes, like the Jiffy mailers, can be used, or to ensure your mail is opened only by the intended person security envelopes can also be found a they provide tamper evident self seal strip to ensure it is only open by the right person.

Jiffy bags and bubble mailers

Jiffy bags are light paper padded envelopes with a peel and seal strip for easy closure lined with bubble material to protect the contents.

Other types of Self-Sealing Bags

The following sites deal with bags that are self-sealing but not normally resealable.

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Mailing Bags is a specialist supplier of mailing bags, polythene mailers, courier bags and plastic envelopes. Offers discount ranges and high-impact ranges for all you mail-shot and postal packaging needs. Free UK Delivery.

Manufacturers of zip-seal bags

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Research & Resources

For more detailed information on sealing and re-sealing bags including how they are manufactured and the different types of sealing and re-sealing products available, please see:

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Eco Friendly Alternatives

Protection of the environment is an important issue and although it often experiences a bad press due to ignorance, sealing and re-sealing made out of plastic and polythene is actually one of the most efficient forms of packaging and the ability to recycle.

Discount Biodegradable Bags
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